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Hisense – 28L Air Fryer – H28EOXS7

R2,192.40 excl. VAT

Hisense 28L Microwave – H28MOMME

R1,665.30 excl. VAT

Hisense 30L Microwave – H30MOMMI

R1,761.90 excl. VAT

Hisense 43L Microwave – Black – H43MOMMI

R2,734.20 excl. VAT

LG – 39L Black NeoChef Microwave with Smart Inverter, Convection Oven – MJ3965BIS

R5,857.95 excl. VAT

LG – 42L NeoChef™ Black Microwave Oven with Smart Inverter – MS4235GIS

R3,120.60 excl. VAT

LG – NeoChef Microwave 42L – Smart Inverter – MS4295CIS

R3,657.15 excl. VAT

LG 38L Stainless Steel SolarDOM Microwave – MA3884VC

R8,706.60 excl. VAT

LG 39L Stainless Steel NeoChef Convection Oven with Smart Inverter – MJ3965ACS

R6,671.70 excl. VAT

LG 42L Microwave NeoChef Oven – Black – MH8265DIS

R3,143.70 excl. VAT

LG 42L Stainless Steel NeoChef Grill with Smart Inverter – MH8265CIS

R3,253.95 excl. VAT

LG Microwave Oven, NeoChef Technology, 56 Litre Capacity, Smart Inverter, EasyClean – MS5696HIT

R4,196.85 excl. VAT